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Homebuilt Avionics

Posted on VansAirforce forum

OverviewEFISEngine MonitorEngine Sensor BoxAudio PanelAutopilotAHRSLED bars
Digikey All discrete components not listed elsewhere
Par-Metal All custom enclosures. Very reasonable prices, and excellent precision once you get across to them what you want done.
Sunstone All PCBs. Terrible software, OK prices, great quality
Toradex Swiss maker of System-On-Modules, used in EFIS and Engine Monitor. Excellent support and documentation.
Future Electronics LCD panels NL6448BC20-30C (Tianma, formerly NLT, hard to find!)
Steel Plate Fabricators Local metal shop here in Knoxville, who laser cut the main panel from an AutoCAD drawing
Tenn Fab Local company here in Knoxville, who powder coated the main panel and all avionics panels
Draw Decal Specializing in model aircraft decals, this former colleauge of mine provided the water decals for the audio panel and autopilot pushbuttons. Also, check out his aviation photography section -- truly spectacular.
Frontpanel Express German company, with manufacturing facility in Oregon, who milled and engraved main and avionics panels.
ELMA All knobs are from ELMA
Steinair When I lived in Minneapolis, this was the go-to place for miscellaneous wiring, connectors etc. All-around nice guys, who always provided valuable knowledge. They also cut the first version of the instrument panel in 2016.
Horizon Avionics Avionics shop here in Knoxville (KTYS). Great people, they let me calibrate my new AHRS' airdata sensors using their lab equipment.